Dr. Christine is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker who loves connecting with audiences. She has given presentations at a wide variety of venues, including:

• Animal Community Talks
• VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists Winterfest Conference
• Chicago Public Library
• Willamette Writers Conference
• Multnomah County Public Library
• Oregon Association of School Libraries/Washington Library Media Association Joint Conference
• Philanthropic Educational Organization

What People Have to Say About Dr. Christine’s Presentations

“Christine Fletcher did a program at our library last week that was remarkable for its professionalism. Fletcher was witty, fun and outgoing—anyone who has a chance to see her presentation should make the effort. It was great.”

“It was a wonderful event and I actually did cry several times. I realized how 5 of our fosters were actually quite advanced into geriatrics and very painful. Since, they have been put on daily pain management medicines and are much more comfortable.”

“This event was so informative, packed with so much great information. It truly has been a huge help in educating me as to how I can improve care for lives of the animals we love. Dr. Fletcher is not just incredibly intelligent she is also incredibly kind. Thank you!”

“She was positively inspiring, partly because she’s a fun, dynamic speaker, partly because she really knows her stuff.”

“I have to tell you I had a client come in the other day to have her geriatric dog evaluated to see what we could do to get her more comfortable. She had recently attended your Animal Community Talk on caring for senior pets and realized some of the things she had written off as age-related were actually illnesses that could be treated. And she was very excited to hear all the options available now to help her dog—so thank you for making a difference for this family!”

Presentation Videos

For availability and fees, or to discuss tailoring a presentation specifically for your group, please contact Dr. Christine at

Links to videos of presentations Dr. Christine has given:

Caring for the Senior Pet


Lion in the House: Feeding Your Cat for Optimal Health and Happiness


The Scoop on Shots